Metalworx, Inc. was founded in 1995 by its current President/CEO, Michael L. Sawer. Michael has been a resident of the Tri-County area of Charleston, SC since 1989 and has worked in the manufacturing field for almost thirty years. He served in Charleston with the United States Navy as a machinist, remained in Charleston and started his own company, Metalworx in 1995. He was the only employee for the company as a sole proprietorship until incorporated in October of 1997.

Michael has worked for companies where the ownership and senior management staff did not value their customers or employees and their contributions. Michael has always been committed to the principles of honesty, integrity and commitment to helping the customers and employees improve. Michael has always provided the employees of Metalworx some of the best working conditions in the industry and they worked hard to instill his management philosophy to continually improve the business and instill a culture of pride and teamwork.



Metalworx, Inc. has always had strong relationships with their customers because they are dedicated to helping them be more profitable. Management continues a strong commitment to the employees of Metalworx, by allowing each individual the resources and support to do their job and grow with the company. Michael and all Metalworx, Inc. employees remain dedicated to each other and the future growth and continual improvement of the company.


In 2000 the company expanded into a new 10,000 sq ft facility in Charleston, SC


In 2002 the company added an additional 6,000 sq ft of manufacturing space


In 2005 the company relocated its operations to Summerville, SC in a new 40,000 sq ft facility


In 2007 and 2008 Metalworx was named as one of the fastest growing companies in South Carolina by the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce.

In 2009 Metalworx received certification for its ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System.


 In 2009 Michael L. Sawer founded, Pro-Coat Finishing,LLC, to further expand Metalworx’s service offerings. A 15,000 sq ft facility was built for its operations in close proximity of the Metalworx facility.


In 2010 Metalworx expanded operations by 16,000 sq ft and Pro-Coat Finishing expanded operations by 6,000 sq ft. Bringing Metalworx and Pro-Coat Facilities to a combined 77,000 sq ft of operations.


In 2015 Metalworx received an additional certification for its AS9100c Quality Management Sysytem. 


Over the past 20 years Metalworx, Inc. has continued to experience steady growth in the manufacturing industry. A commitment of re-investing in the company by its shareholders has allowed Metalworx to expand operations and services to its customers. The company has transformed from a 1 employee conventional machine shop to a single source manufacturing solutions provider with over 80 employees. Our mission has remained unchanged since founded in 1995. Our commitment to customers and employees remains the catalyst for growth and the basis for our success.